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Customize Converse With Pictures

Customize Converse Chucks With Pictures!

Customize Converse Chucks Online With Pictures



Over the last several weeks since we've started our service to Customize Converse with pictures online we have fielded dozens of questions from our customers about exactly how to do this.

So today I'm going to attempt to simplify the process in writing in order to help streamline the process for customers.  There are lots of ways to customize Converse Chucks but we are keeping it simple around here.  

  • No Bling
  • No Bedazzling
  • No Poofery 
  • No Fuzzy Stuff

We make great Chucks, but great Chucks don't require a bunch of nonsense to be cool. We offer our customers an easy way to customize Converse with pictures

That's it. That's all there is to it.  We make it easy for you.

How To Customize Converse Online With Pictures

If you want to customize some Converse Chucks with us online using pictures all you have to do is send them! Yep, that's it.  

Simply make a purchase from the link above and email any high resolution images you'd like to see on your shoes to us and we will make a virtual representation of what the shoes will look like.  It is at that time when you can request any changes are conceptual redirections.  

We communicate with you during the entire process.  In the near future we will upgrade the process with an ordering process allowing you to attach your image files to your shopping cart to automate the process. But, for now we really want to communicate with each customer for the ultimate feedback loop.

We are experts at creating custom Chucks for customers but in the past we have created concepts that we like and deliver products to our customers. Now, we want you to be the designers. 

Don't let the image of Dog Converse above limit you. We put all types of crazy things on people's chucks.  From babies to spiders and sushi to Uncle Howard scuba diving in Belize, we'll put it on your shoes.

So if you've always wanted to customize some custom Converse Chucks online, now is your chance. Just send us your pics and we will do the rest!

January 05, 2017 by Mike F.
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