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Shoes With Dogs on Them

Shoes with dogs on them! That's all I hear when I'm walking down the street and frankly, I love it.

It wasn't too long ago we were just known for Custom Converse, and frankly I liked that too because it meant that people understood who we are and what we do.

But something happened when we responded to a social media request with 

Yeah, We Make Shoes for Dog Lovers.

It seemed pretty unremarkable at the time but word got around.  People began to send up pics of their dogs and we put them on chucks. Then we started seeing our Custom Converse in pictures all over social media and the requests came flying in for all types of dog themed shoes.  We even launched a series of Dog Print Sneakers of our and people love them.


So if you are a dog lover, a converse lover or just a lover of Converse with dogs on them hit us up through our Custom dog collection.  

 The Absolute Best Gift For Dog Lovers!

You can take a look at some of the Custom Converse we've made for customers recently and see just how well they turn out.  There isn't a better gift out there for dog lovers! 


Custom Converse German Shepherd

The shoe above is a white converse customized with our very own Gerhman Shepherd print.  GSD lovers can choose this image from our site or submit one of their own.  If you're looking to create a surprise gift for a GSD owner you can send us their instagram profile and we'll help you choose the perfect to make a shoe.


Custom Converse Shoes with Dogs On Them

The above shoe is also a white Converse customized with a black and white picture of a customer's Golden Retriever.  The black white makes for an excellent dog print shoe. It's not overstated and black and white makes a perfect dog themed shoe for men to wear. 


Custom Converse Yorkie Shoes

I can't get enough of the Yorkie Custom Converse above. This is exactly why we love receiving high resolution photos to print. Our modern phones take wonder pictures and when sent to us in the proper form, make amazing dog print shoes. We'll always help you choose and send the right pics.

 Custom Converse Dog Themed Shoes

Duke's custom converse high top came out as cute as can be. Chihuahua Converse are really popular with doggie moms and dads.  

So that's a quick look as some examples and perhaps now you can see why these shoes make awesome gifts for dog lovers.   We're here to answer any question and provide guidance along the way.  


July 09, 2017 by Mike F.
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